Do you know how many types of hugs are there? And do you know what each of them says about your relationship?
A Hug is truly outstanding and generally acknowledged way of showing your fondness and love. It imparts numerous feelings that words neglect to communicate.

1- Back Hugs 2- Waist Hug 3- Hug With a Pat on The Back 4- The Eye-to-eye Hug 5- The Side Hug 6- The straddle hug 7- The London Bridge Hug
8- Quick Hug 9- The Hug with Twerk Around 10 –The Catcher Hug 11 – The Cuddle Hug 12- The Long Hug 13 –The Bear Hug 14- Naughty Hug
15- A Tight or Strong Hug

These are some popular Types of Hugs that you can try with your partner this valentine’s day. Also, if you wonder what to gift your partner, here are some amazing Valentine’s day gift ideas for him and her.

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